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San Diego’s Premier Newborn Care Specialists with The Elite Baby Co.

Navigating the delicate months with a newborn is made easier with our trusted Night Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) in San Diego. Specifically trained to cater to infants aged 0-6 months, these professionals don’t just offer exemplary newborn care, but they also provide essential education and support to families embarking on their parenting journey.

Whether you need a night nanny to help you catch up on sleep or an NCS for comprehensive infant care, we’ve got you covered for a single night or an extended amount of time.

Why Choose Our Night Nannies & Newborn Care Specialists?

  • Dedicated Night Care: Our night nannies ensure your baby receives attentive care while you enjoy a restful night.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Even during your baby’s peaceful sleep, our night nannies and NCS stay vigilant with advanced audio-video monitors.
  • Efficient Feeding Routines: Our team manages overnight feeds and helps set up productive feeding schedules. They’re adept at bottle preparation, feeding, and can even assist in bringing the baby to the mother for breastfeeding.
  • Sleep Conditioning Techniques: Harness the expertise of our specialists for custom sleep training strategies for your infant.
  • Detailed Infant Care: Expect top-notch circumcision and umbilical cord care during diapering, safeguarding your newborn’s well-being.
  • Nightly Routine: From soothing activities like diapering and burping to addressing any nighttime needs, our night nannies ensure your baby’s utmost comfort.
  • Added Services: Beyond baby care, they can help with washing baby bottles, cleaning pump parts, and even folding baby laundry when possible.
  • Guided Parental Support: Our team offers practical infant schedules insightful educational printouts, and continuous feedback. They’re always ready to guide you with answers and updates every night.
  • After-Birth Guidance: Gain valuable insights on infant care as you and your newborn adapt to home life, all thanks to our knowledgeable team.


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