San Diego’s Top Nanny Service: Full-time, Part-time, and Overnight Nannies

At The Elite Baby Co. (EBC), we proudly present our dedicated nanny services that extend beyond just basic childcare. Each EBC nanny is a blend of a caregiver, educator, chef, and family aide. With a foundation built on experience and passion, our nannies ensure that San Diego families receive top-notch care tailored for their children.

Why Choose an EBC Nanny for Your San Diego Family?

  • Holistic Care: Our nannies provide unmatched care, warmth, and security, especially when parents are away.
  • Developmental Activities: They engage children in age-appropriate activities fostering physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth.
  • Nutritional Expertise: Trust our nannies for planning and preparing wholesome meals and snacks, including baby bottle preparations.
  • Structured Routines: They either adhere to the family’s children-centric schedule or can craft a new one upon request.
  • Cleanliness & Organization: Prioritize your child’s hygiene with our meticulous nannies who also keep play areas and childrens rooms neat.
  • Inventory Management: They’ll notify you if any child supplies run low, ensuring continuous availability.
  • Property Maintenance: Trust them for the diligent care and cleaning of your children’s belongings.
  • Safe Transport: Our nannies can provide reliable transportation for kids’ activities.
  • Home Care: Benefit from their light housekeeping duties, ensuring a tidy home environment.

Daytime is when our traditional EBC nannies shine. However, if you’re seeking evening care, discover our Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) services or learn more about our specialized overnight nannies in San Diego.

Nanny Package


60 day replacement period

Complimentary Working Interview, up to 4 hours

Extensive Screening Process Including:

• Online Application
• Phone Interview
• Resume Review
• Reference Checks and former employment Verified
• Personal Interview with the Agency Owner
• State and County Background
• Screening (Felony and Misdemeanor)
• Department of Motor Vehicle
• Driving Record Check
• Sexual Misconduct Record
• Social Security Verification
• Residency History
• Infant/Child CPR and First Aid Training/Certification
• Trustline verification


• Enhanced criminal search to include all residency
• Education Verification
• Credit
• Drug Screening(per request)
• Weekly Nanny Curriculum for 90 days

A la carte

• Annual Subscription to Nanny Curriculum $379
• 90 Day replacement $379
• 120 day replacement $797

There is a $2,800 minimum for all contracts.

Your Premier Nanny Destination in San Diego

Numerous San Diego resources for families in all parenting phases. Elite Baby Co is your all-in-one destination for fostering a joyful and thriving family

Choose The Elite Baby Co. for a comprehensive approach to family care. From nannies skilled in early childhood development to resources that support every phase of parenting, we’re San Diego’s trusted one-stop solution. Let us partner with you in nurturing a joyful and flourishing family life.